Tensense Machine | TS-ZY600C


Tensense Machine TS-ZY600C


  • High transmission power, maximum power can detect 10 meters long grouting anchor.
  • Wide range of applications, can be used for stress wave seismic sources of one-dimensional member structures such as anchor detection and guardrail posts.
  • The super magnetic source can perfectly replace the small hammer, and the excitation frequency and energy are fixed, which helps to acquire a better waveform.
  • Safe and efficient the super-magnetic emission controller can emit an elastic wave signal every second.
  • Super magnetic emission controller adopts DC6V power supply, low power consumption built-in high-energy nickel-metal hydride battery.
  • Continuous working for 36 hours on a single charge.
  • Protection grade IP67, safe and beautiful. The shell is cut and formed by alumunium alloy, waterproof and dustproof.


Super Magnetic-Acoustic Source (Super Magnetic Emitter + Super Magnetic Emission Controller)
Transmit Power10 steps continuously adjustable
Power Supply Mode6V8Ah Ni-MH battery pack, continuous working for 36 hours
Adaptation1-10m anchor
Launch Head SizeФ40 x 100 in the launching head
Excitation Frequency10Hz~10KHz
Launch ModeSingle shot, continuous shot
Controller Size120 x 100 x 40
QualityTransmitter head ≤2KG, controller ≤2KG