Tensense Machine | TS-K100QC(W)


Tensense Machine TS-K100QC(W)


  • Strong and weak ionization to enhance system stability. The main unit and the probe are powered by a high-energy rechargeable lithium battery, and the CNC winch is powered by AC220V. The strong and the weak are separated to enhance the system stability. The AC power supply has a perfect AC voltage stabilization and protection design, and the input voltage can work normally when AC140V~260V fluctuates.
  • The entire system is fully digital. The entire testing process and the probe lifting system fully implement software automatic control, the measured data and test results are digitally displayed, stored and printed out.
  • Direct printout on site. The host can be directly connected to a variety of laser printers to achieve on-site result printout.
  • The host system is stable and reliable. The host adopts a low-power embedded system design, and the software system is based on Linux design, and the system is stable and reliable.
  • Interrupted continuous test function : The host is powered by a high-energy lithium battery. When the AC220V power is interrupted, the host is not affected. After the power is turned on, the test can be continued to ensure that the test data is not lost.
  • The system has good electromagnetic compatibility. The entire system fully considers the complex electromagnetic environtment on the site, and complete design and unique signal processing are performed in all links from power supply to signal processing to ensure that the system is stable and reliable and the test results are accurate.
  • The probe lifting system has good stability. The probes are independently suspended by the double load- bearing steel wire ropes and work synchronously to ensure that the probe runs smoothly, does not rotate, and does not distrub. The upper limiter ensures that the wire rope is lifted to the top without breaking, and the lower limiter ensures that the probe is lowered to the bottom of the hole and is not twisted.
  • The ultrasonic probe has a small blind area and high power, and the four channel signals are set independently, and the adaptability is strong. The minimum detection distance of the probe is 140mm, the maximum detection distance is 3600mm, and the corresponding aperture detection range is 280mm~7200mm. The maximum specific gravity of mud can reach 1.3g/cm3, which is suitable for inspection of the formation of holes and grooves in almost all engineering.
  • The system has a self-calibration fuction. Automatically calibrate the sound velocity of the test system according to the aperture value or the slot width value to ensure that the test results are accurate and reliable.
  • The analysis software is powerful and the output results are rich in content. The upper computer analysis software can display, edit, and print out the image and result charts of the test results, and can automatically determine the position of the hole wall. The output results include color (or grayscale) image graphs, X-X’ and Y-Y’ deviation graphs, aperture graphs and sedimentation graphs, distance measurement points for each depth of the whole hole, aperture, verticality table, etc.


Ultrasonic Aperture Probe
Horizontal Test Direction“Ten” shape four directions, two sections
Detection Aperture Slot WidthФ280mm~Ф7200mm
Ultrasound Signal Frequency90KHz
Mud RequirementsSeverity ≤13kN/m3, sand content ≤4%, viscosity ≤25S
Output ProfileFrom hole XX’ + YY’ : From groove XX’, YY’, XX’, + Y or XX’ + Y’ optional
Dimensions130mm x 130mm x 370mm
Operating Temperature-20°C~50°C
Power Supply ModeControl box power
Horizontal Accuracy≤0.2%FS
Ultrasonic Power≥8W
TS-K100QC(W) Wireless Automatic CNC Winch
Winch TypeWireless fully automatic
Wireless ModeWIFI wireless communication
Lifting Speed0~10m/min continuously adjustable
Stop At The Bottom Of The HoleHave
Detection DepthStandard 100m, customizable 150m
Dimensions1050mm x 840mm x 850mm
Operating Temperature-20°C~50°C
Winch Power SupplyAC140V~260V
Transmission DistanceNot less than 50m
Depth Resolution0.9mm
Sync CableIntegrated cable on winch, CNC synchronous lifting
Probe SuspensionDouble steel wire roller independent suspension probe, stable and reliable
Quality (KG)130