Tensense Machine | TS-RD1203(A)



  • The high-power high-frequency acoustic wave source is automatically excited, with high accuracy, and the maximum detection depth can reach 15 meters.
  • Automatically and accurately adjust the position of the transducer and accurately determine the position of the cave.
  • Automatically adjust the relative height of the excitation source and the receiving transducer to ensure that the excitation and reception are well grounded, not only for ud holes, but also for dry holes without water coupling.
  • It can also determine the attitude of the probe at the bottom of the hole to ensure accurate and reliable test results. The sensor can record the orientation of the measuring point, and the built-in probe attitude detection.
  • Detection accuracy, the instrument uses a 24-bit 500kHz analog-to-digital conversion unit, with super weak signal detection capabilities.
  • The host adopts DC12V power supply, low power consumption built-in high-energy battery, can work continuously for 10 hours on a single charge.
  • Beautiful and elegant, simple and efficient, operating system, chinese interface, embedded software system in the host.
  • The host adopts USB2.0 data interface, the data transmission is simple and convenient, the host has built-in 8G memory, and FAT32 can directly copy and paste the measured data files through the USB2.0 interface under the general Windows operating system, data storage format.
  • The protection grade is IP67, ehich is safe and beautiful.
  • The analysis software has digital filtering (high-pass, low-pass, band-pass), spectrum analysis, phase analysis, reflection extraction, and signal correlation, which helps to determine the location of the cave.


Hole Bottom Cavern Detector Model TS-RD1203(A)
Display Method12.1 inch true color LCD display, 1280 x 768 backlight adjustable
Memory16G TF memory card
Sample Length512/1024/2048/4096
Time Resolution2us
AD Resolution24 bits
Detection Depth RangeBelow the bottom of the hole is greater than 3 times the aperture and not less than 5m
Number Of Signal Channels4
Channel Consistency≤3%
Control MethodTouch screen
ExcitementAutomatically control high-power acoustic wave source
Test OrientationAutomatically adjust the probe orientation at the bottom of the hole
Operating Temperature-10°C~60°C
ProcessorHigh-performance low-power embedded dual-core processor
Operating SystemLinux operating system
Sampling Rate2us/5us/10us optional
Time Indication Error≤1%
Amplitude Nonlinearity≤1%
Depth Detection ErrorLess than 5cm
Data InterfaceUSB2.0 interface, direct data copy
Fixed Point Magnification1, 10, 100 optional
Floating Point Magnification256
Power Supply ModeLithium battery for more than 10 hours
Bearing Accuracy0.1°
Working Humidity≤90%RH