Tensense Machine | TS-ZY10000D


Tensense Machine TS-ZY10000D


Electric spark sources are playing an increasingly important role in the geological exploration, petroleum, and engineering inspection industries. Its main features are simple operation, easy to carry, non-destructive, non-polluting, and can be a good substitute for explosives to meet the seismic exploration needs of various constraints in the field. The TS-ZY10000D portable elctric spark source is the latest production and development od our company. It uses arc electrodes to generate strong electrical pressure pulses and generate stable, synchronous, high resolution and high signal-to-noise ratio seismic waves. The child shock source is mainly composed of an integrated host, a controller, an energy storage device, a capacitor, a transmitting probe, and supporting electric bracket. The device has an innovative design, and the integrated structure reduces the volume and weight of the seismic source. The patented technology is used to shorten the charging time and improve the work efficiency and the optical fiber synchronization is used to ensure the synchronization accuracy. The instrument has been used in China Yangtze River Three Gorges Corporation, China Water Conservancy and Hydropower Construction Group Co.Ltd. Yangtze River Surveying and Planning Design and Research Institute of the Yangtze River Commission, China Petroleum Group, Eastren Geophysical Exploration Liaohe Oilfield, Xinjiang Geophysical exploration, Sinopec, Institute of Geophysics, China Earthquake Administration, Wuhan Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan Zhongjiao Geotechnical Engineering Co.Ltd. Chongqing Dikan Bureau 208 Hydrogeological Engineering Geological Team, Anhui Prospecting Technology Institute, Guangdong Nuclear Engineering Prospecting Institute and other units have been widely used and have achieved good results effect.


Adapt to the environmentland, tunnel, well, water
Penetration distanceup to 200-500 meters (depending on geological conditions)
Power inputAC 220V or (12V million battery powered)
Transmitting voltage5000V-10000V
Standard capacitance200uF/5KV
Maximum energy5000~20000 ears (optional)
Frequency band range100Hz~1000Hz
Working modemanual, automatic, coding controller
Trigger modefiber-optic synchronous trigger
Charging time5~60s
Charge and discharge timesmore than 100,000 times (below 10000V)
Matching instrumentsvarious seismometers at home and abroad
Equipment weightintegrated host : 10 kg, each piece is less than 10 kg
Host size560mm x 400mm x 230mm
Probe diameter60mm, diameter can be customized
Cable length50~100 meters (optional)