Tensense Machine | TS-S1206(B)


Tensense Machine TS-S1206(B)


  • Multi-cahnnel automatic cycle measurement can meet the free combination of any section. Continuous automatic lifting.
  • Intelligent interpretation, when the first wave sounds, the sound amplitude interpretation is more accurate.
  • Profile test waveform gain, delay multi-touch adjustable.
  • Professional guided operation process design, more optimized steps, simpler operation and more efficient detection.
  • Unique ergonomic slim design makes it easier to work for a long time.
  • Proprietary low-power technology platform + built-in high-performance rechargeable lithium battery to meet ultra-long standby time.
  • Integrated automatic counting and lifting device, waterproof, shockproof design, more reliable connection.
  • Unique integrated multi-fuction interface, software upgrade, data export, more convenient for charging the instrument.
  • 12.1 true color highlight touch screen, stepless brightness adjustment, data, clear curve, suitable for any working environment.


Model TS-S1206(B)
Display Mode12.1 inch true color highlight LCD screen, touch control
Number OF ChannelsFour independent transmit and receive channels
Number OF SectionsLift test 6 sections at a time
Storage>16G (expandable to 128G)
Counting MethodAutomatic Counting
Voice FunctionIntelligent Voice Prompt
Data TransmissionUSB2.0
Sampling Interval0.05 μ s ~ 65535 μ s
Record Length512/1024/2048 points
Emission Voltage500V/1000V optional
Dynamic Range≥100dB
Sonic Accuracy≤0.1%
Amplitude Accuracy≤3%
System Noise<50 μ V
Band Width300Hz~300kHz
Operating Temperature-20°C~+55°C