Tensense Machine | TS-K100CZ(A)

Tensense Machine TS-K100CZ(A)


  • The measurement index has nothing to do with characteristics of the medium such as mud and water. it is suitable for the detection of sediment thickness in all pores and grooves.
  • Less influencing factors and high detection accuracy : the probe diameter is small and can reach the hard rock layer at the bottom of the pile. The probe has a tray ensure that the probe stops on the surface of the sediment, the built-in tilt sensor of the probe ensures that the probe is upright.
  • Multi-purpose sediment probe : it can be matched with the host of the sediment meter for separate detection of the thickness of the sediment, or it can be used in conjunction with the detection system for the formation of holes and slots to complete the detection of the thickness of the sediment at the same time as the detection of the hole width.
  • The test results display is intuitive: the host displays the depth-pressure curve and inclination value in real time.


Operating VoltageDC36V
Control MethodPhotoelectric knob
Display Method7 inch true color LCD display, Display accuracy : 800 x 600, adjustable backlight
Memory8G TF memory card
Data InterfaceUSB2.0
Operating Temperature-20°C~60°C
Dimensions255mm x 192mm x 74mm
Working Current≤1.20A
Power Supply ModeRechargeable high-energy lithium battery
ProcessorHigh-performance low-power embedded dual-core processor
Operating SystemLinux operating system
Output ResultsMeasured data or report
Working Humidity≤90%RH
Sediment Probe
Operating VoltageDC36V
Working Current≤1.0A
Detection DepthStandard 100m, can be customized
Thickness Masurement Range230mm as standard, can be extended to 2m
Thickness Masurement Accuracy±1.0mm
Chassis Diameter250mm
Probe Diameter56mm
Probe Length800mm