Tensense Machine | TS-ABC602(C)

Tensense Machine TS-ABC602(C)


  • Anchors rods and cable can be tested, one machine is multi-purpose and cost-effective
  • The instrument has a two-channel parallel acquisition fuction, with a wide range of applications and powerful functions
  • The instrument uses a 24-bit 500 kHz analog-to-digital conversion unit, which has super weak signal detection capability and detection accuracy
  • Built-in high-energy battery, which can work continuosly for 10 hours on a single charge
  • The software system in the mainframe is an embedded operating system, Chinese interface, beautiful and easy to operate, can automatically predict the length of the anchor cable, and has independent intellectual property rights (software copyright : 2018SR359684)
  • The excitation device can be used with a small hammer or a giant magneto-acoustic source, which is flexible and convenient
  • The host adopts USB2.0 data interface, the data transmission is simple and convenient, the host has a built-in 8G memory and uses FAT32 data storage format, which can directly copy and paste the measured data files through the USB2.0 interface under the general Windows operating system
  • The shell of the main unit is moulded, and the waterproof and dustproof protection grade is IP67, which is safe and beautiful
  • The analysis software has fuctions such as digital filtering (high-pass, low-pass, band-pass), spectrum analysis, phase analysis, reflection extraction, signal correlation and automatic calculations, of anchoring compactness. Evaluation, with independent intellectual property rights (software copyright : 2018SR359813)


Display Method7 inch true color LCD display, 800 x 600 backlight adjustable
ProcessorHigh-performance low-power embedded ARM processor
Length Detection Error≤1%
Number of signal channels2
Operating Temperature-10°C~60°C
Working Humidity≤90%RH
Dimensions255mm x 192mm x 74mm
Memory8GTF memory card
Time indication error≤1%
Amplitude non-linearity≤1%
Time resolution2us
Sample length8196
Sampling interval2us/5us/10us optional
AD resolutin24 bits
Anchor length rangeNot less than 20m
Anchor cable length rangeNot less than 100m
Control methodPhotoelectric knob
Data interfaceInterface, data direct copy USB2.0
Fixed point magnification1, 10, 100 optional
Floating point magnification256
Power supply modeLithium battery, continuous working for more than 10 hours
Quality≤1.8 KG

Ultra-magneto-acoustic source (super-magnetic emission head + super-magnetic emission controller)

Transmit power10 steps continuosly adjustable
Power supply mode6V8Ah Ni-MH battery pack, continuous working for 36 hours
DimensionsTransmitter head Φ40 x 100
Excitation frequency10Hz~10KHz
Transmission modeSingle shot, continuous shot
QualityTransmitter head ≤2 KG, controller ≤2 KG