Tensense Machine | TS-GD200Q


Tensense Machine TS-GD200Q


TS-GD200Q series pipeline periscope is mainly used for rapid detection and diagnosis of the internal conditions of industrial containers or pipelines. Use the joystick to put the camera probe with the search light source into the pipe opening or inside the industrial container. Using a digital high-definition camera, with the focus zoom and tilt adjustment functions, it can clearly display the structural defects and functionality of the pipeline and the container defects are recorded and recorded. The inspection information is filled on site and screenshots are interpreted. The main control is wirelessly connected, the data collection within 50 meters around the parallel port is free of jams, the control is interfered, and the video is smooth and high-definition.


  • Digital HD : ≥200 million pixels HD image quality, wide dynamic range, intelligent autofocus.
  • One-button dew removal : the lens is heated for quick defogging.
  • Free soft control : support both Windows and Android systems, free choice of mobile phone, tablet, good usability, strong replaceability. Computer or industrial master control for wireless continuous detection and control avoid.
  • Long-distance detection : high-definition imaging, high magnification and bright search light source, in the internal environment of the pipe without light conditions, 40-80m (affected by the reflective properties of the pipe and the size of the pipe diameter).
  • On-site interpretation : the main control acquisition software fills in the inspection information on-site and evaluates the report in real time. Screenshots are interpreted and save, and the video is imported into the assessment report software to directly generate the inspection and evaluation.
  • Function expansion : it can be used with proffesional photogrammetry software to perform 3D reconstruction and quantitative analysis of real scenes of pipelines or inspection wells through CCTV inspection video.
  • Supporting software : equipped with pipesight pipeline inspection video evaluation report software, which can perform playback interpretation and evaluation report output, and archive output results data according to project classification, for disk archiving or GIS system data connection.