Tensense Machine | TS-K100DC(B)


Tensense Machine TS-K100DC(B)


  • All functions of the probe are perfectly integrated : the probe perfectly integrates the ultrasonic aperture perpendicularity detection transducer and the sediment thickness detection device. In one test, all parameters are detected, and the aperture, hole slope and sediment thickness are detected simultaneously.
  • Dual parameter control of sediment detection to ensure accurate and reliable results : the built-in inclanation sensor and pressure sensor of the probe, the inclanation sensor controls the state of the probe, the pressure sensor controls the force of the probe, and the two parameters jointly determine the thickness of the sediment to improve accuracy.


Integrated Host Control Box
Power Supply SystemCNC winch AC140V~260V, 50Hz power supply host probe powered by a high-energy lithium battery 48 hours of continuous work after 6 hours of charging
ProcessorHigh-performance low-power embedded dual-core processor
Memory8G TF memory card
Data InterfaceUSB2.0 interface, directly copy data from U disk, or print directly from laser printer
Control FunctionControl probe up, down, acceleration, deceleration, ultrasonic signal transmission and reception, etc
Recording MethodAll digital
Dimensions580mm x 440mm x 290mm
Operating Temperature-20°C~50°C
Display Method12.1 inch true color highlight LCD screen, display accuracy 1280 x 768, adjustable backlight
Operating SystemLinux operating system
Control MethodTouch screen or mouse
Speed Of Sound CalibrationHave
Quality (KG)25KG
Integrated Aperture Sediment Probe
Horizontal Test Direction“Ten” shape four directions, two sections
Detection Aperture Slot WidthФ280mm~Ф7200mm
Ultrasound Signal Frequency90KHz
Detecting Sediment Thickness0~250mm (can be customized)
Mud RequirementsSeverity ≤13kN/m3, sand content ≤4%, viscosity ≤25S
Output ProfileFrom hole XX’ + YY’ : From groove XX’, YY’, XX’, + Y or XX’ + Y’ optional
Dimensions130mm x 130mm x 370mm
Power Supply ModeControl box power
Horizontal Accuracy≤0.2%FS
Ultrasonic Power≥8W
Sediment Accuracy≥1mm
Quality (KG)22KG
Lifting CNC Pattern Car Probe
Winch TypeFully automatic
Lifting Speed0~10m/min continuously adjustable
Stop At The Bottom Of The HoleHave
Dimensions650mm x 550mm x 700mm
Winch Power SupplyAC140V~260V
Depth Resolution0.9mm
Detection depthStandard 100m, can be customized
Cable Winch
Winch TypeStandard manual, can be customized electric
Dimensions400mm x 300mm x 360mm
Cable LengthStandard 100m, can be customized