Tensense Machine | TS-C1201(B)



  • High intergration: system control in the host, image acquisition, display and storage are highly integrated.
  • Configure different fuctions of the software and probes in the machine to achieve drilling imaging, drilling peeping and drilling trajectory measurement easy to expand the same host hardware system, volume and other functions, to achieve multiple functions of one machine.
  • High intelligence: the host has a built-in ARM + DSP dual-core processor, and the image processing speed is 25 frames per second. Stimultaneous acquisition of image data, depth data and spatial data of the position of the probe can ensure that the panoramic images are automatically collected in real time, for fast and seamless stitching. At the same time, the automatic angle and depth correction panoramic video images are presented in real time and the images are clear and realistic. Realize image stitching, video recording, screenshot and trajectory measurement simultaneously.
  • High reliability: the whole system is highly integrated and has good stability, the whole machine is sealed and has good water and dust resistance.
  • High-definition: the camera is a color low-illumunation 700Lines, 0.01 Lux, 2 million pixels, the end imaging is optional to ensure clear imaging of various detection objects, the light source intensity is continuously adjustable.
  • Wide viewing angle: the camera has a wide viewing angle, enabling horizontal 360-degree panoramic imaging without focusing.
  • Good portability: the whole machine is small in size, light in weight, and easy to carry.
  • Direct data copying: The sticky host can be used as an external USB flash drive for the computer. The connection is simple, the operation is simple, and the beginners get started quickly. The operability is good the entire system.
  • Three types of display can be flexibly switched: analysis software can display, output flat expanded view, three-dimensional histogram, three-dimensional histogram can be rotated 360 degrees continuously, it can also display the core description results table and core histogram and unfolded view at the same time, it can zoom in and view the local area specified by the mouse with high precision, it can display the three-dimensional spatial trajectory image of the drilling hole, and it can also display the three-sided side view to view the actual space angle value of each point.
  • Direct core description: The core description can be directly deccribed on the unfolded map. The tendency of cracks, inclination and width can be automatically calculated and extracted directly, the width accuracy can reach 0.1 mm, and the azimuth angle can reach 0.1 degrees.
  • Images can be converted into multiple formats: images can be converted into multiple formats such as JPG, BMP and PDF.


Display Method7 inch true color LCD 800 x 600 backlight adjustable
Memory32G TF memory card
Control MethodPhotoelectric knob
Data InterfaceUSB2.0 interface
Dimensions255mm x 192mm x 74mm
ProcessorHigh-performance low-power embedded dual-core processor
Operating SystemLinux operating system
Power Supply ModeBuilt-in 12V lithium battery or external battery continuous working for more than 10 hours
Protection ClassIP67
Quality≤1.8 KG
Depth Encoder
Protection ClassIP67
Sounding Accuracy0.1mm
Power Supply ModeHost Power
Quality≤1 KG
Probe DiameterФ24mm, Ф40mm, Ф52mm, Ф65mm, Ф100mm
Protection ClassImmersion in 1000m water depth without leakage
Detecting Hole Depth≥1000m
CameraColor low illumination 700TV Lines, 0.01LUX, 360 panorama
Image Pixels200 million pixels
Three-dimensional CompassInclination range : ±90°, Precision : 0.5°, Resolution : 0.01°, Azimuth range : 0~360°, Accuracy : 0.5°, Resolution : 0.1°, Probe allows roll 360°
DimensionsФ52 x 506mm
Detection ApertureФ30mm~Ф600mm
Power Supply ModeConventional probe host power Deepwater probe built-in 12V lithium battery power supply
ControllerBuilt-in high-performance microcontroller
Auxiliary Light Source≥30Lux, adjust brightness via host software
Way ForwardHorizontal inclined hole matched with special guide push rod