Tensense Machine | TS-GD200S

Tensense Machine TS-GD200S


TS-GD200S pipeline sonar detection system is mainly used for pipelines with water (full water or above 2/3 water level), inspection wells or underground cavity detection, automatic analysis and extraction of inner wall contours, establishment of 3D models, and quantitative analysis. When applied to pipeline inspection, it can accurately determine a large number of structural defects (ruptures, deformations, branch pipe concealment, disconnection, etc) and fuctional defects (sedimentation, obstacles, residual walls, dam roots, etc), and automatically calculate the volume A longitudinal sectional view of the deposition status of the bottom of the tube is generated, and CCTV and sonar can be combined to achieve comprehensive detection (above and below water) by matching expansion components.


  • Quantitative analysis of the slit in the pipeline, and guide the pipeline dredging.
  • When the water depth of the pipeline is greater than 300mm no drainage conditions are available, it is used to investigate the structure of the pipeline network.
  • Combine or replace CCTV report, detect, collect pipe network data, and output.