Tensense Machine | TS-GD200J


Tensense Machine TS-GD200J


The TS-GD200J series products are a new generation of digital high-definition pipeline CCTV inspection robots, which can use tablets, laptops or special industrial controllers as the main control, and freely choose wireless or wired connection and control. The robot replace the person to enter the urban drainage pipe, conducts fine inspection of television imaging, real-time image monitoring and storage of video or captured images, can be captured and evaluated on the spot, and a one-click generation of inspection and evaluation report in accordance with industry standards and specifications provides important information for formulating maintenance and repair plans. Analysis basis and guidance recommendations.


  • Digital high definition : ≥200 million pixels high definition image quality.
  • Large-foot long-distance detection : in a DN200mm pipeline, a single 300m long-distance detection can be achieved.
  • Wireless control and transmission : the main control wireless control, combined with mobile network to achieve cloud data interaction.
  • Strong driving : the crawler is independently driven by six wheels on both sides, turning in place at 3600, and the central transition wheel increases the ability to overcome obstacles, the motor has an automatic protection circuit for stalling, overcurrent, and overvoltage, the stability is storage. Effectively prevent rollover, maximum anti-tilt ability ≥40°, maximum climbing ability ≥450°.
  • Character overlay : support multiple languages, numbers and character logo entry, and graphics overlay notes.
  • On-site evaluation report : screenshots can be read and evaluated in real-time during the testing process, and a test and evaluation report that complies with industry standards and specifications is output on the site for a rich report template mention.
  • Function expansion :
    1. it can be equipped with a laser projector, which can simultaneously extract the internal contour of the pipeline during detection, and create a three-dimensional pipeline model for measurement and analysis.
    2. it can be equipped with a panoramic camera system, which can generate a real-time panoramic view of the tube wall and generate a three-dimensional imaging analysis report on site.
    3. it can be equipped with a sonar probe to scan the inner wall contour and deposition status of the underwater part of the pipeline while performing CCTV inspection on the aquatic part with water pipeline. The video screen and the sonar image are superimposed and recorded as a detection video.
    4. can be equipped with sonar probe and panoramic lens. Realize CCTV + laser detection above the water surface, sonar detection below the water surface, and fit the contour of the inner wall of the overall pipeline to reconstruct a three-dimensional model of the pipeline. Use the synchronized panoramic image of the inner wall of the pipeline as a 3D model texture map to obtain a surreal 3D model of the actual interior of the pipeline.
    5. it can be used with professional photogrammetry software to perform 3D reconstruction and quantitative analysis of pipeline real scene through CCTV detection video.
  • Supporting software :
    1. The main controller is pre-installed with the PipeVideo pipe inspection and evaluation report software, which can control the robot, video monitoring and recording fill in the inspection records on site and take screenshots, and automatically evaluate and output the inspection and evaluation reports in line with industry and local standards.
    2. Equipped with PipeSee pipeline inspection video evaluation report software, which can perform playback interpretation and evaluation report output, and output the results data according to the project file, which is used for disk archiving or GIS system data connection.