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Vertical Double Bender (Model : KZ2L32X)

Vertical Double Bender (Model : KZ2L32X)

The Vertical Double Bender KZ2L32X is applied to high-rise building, highway, railway, bridges and other large structures in reinforced concrete with the maximum rebar diameter of φ32mm Ⅲ rebar (HRB400).

The machine can bend clockwise and anticlockwise at the same time. The device is a high-tech product with independent intellectual property developed independently by SKZ Mechanic Technology Co., Ltd (SKZ).

Our products are staying close to the market to meet customer needs. The CNC machine has high precision and high efficiency. And it can also meet various engineering requirements. Each work shift of the CNC machine can replace the processing capacity of 8-10 operators compared to ordinary bending machines. Pursuing best cost/quality ratio and reducing the production cost, our company aim to bring considerable efficiency and benefits to customers.


  1. It combines high-performance PLC with touchscreen control interface to make the operation simpler.
  2. Central soft rebar locking mechanism design ensures bending accuracy.
  3. The original design of bending panel can prolong the service life.
  4. Bending shaft is controlled by servo, and has high bending precision.
  5. Mobile bending head can set a length freely.
  6. Integrated design and high strength mobile rail can be more durable.
  7. Bending head can locate the clamping mechanism, which improve the bending accuracy.
  8. Extensible bending shaft can bend rebar bi-directionally.
  9. High-strength rack can carry more raw materials.
  10. The machine has a good performance, and it can bend serval bars at the same time. It can also bend various angles.
  11. The largest graphics database can preset more than 10 graphics for easy retrieval and easy operation.
  12. The production efficiency is high, and the average processing capacity of two persons (8 hours) is more than 10 tons, which is more than five times the output of traditional processing equipment.
  13. The performance of the product is good. Besides, it can machine the tertiary spiral steel (HRB400), the diameter of which is from 10-Φ32mm.

Technical Parameters

Max Bending Angle [°](Ф10-Ф28) + 180 – 100
(Ф32) + 90 – 90
Max Bending Size [mm]10500
Min Bending Size [mm]90
Min Bending Side Length [mm][φ10],[630]
Length Tolerance [mm]±2
Bending Tolerance [°]±1
Speed ControlCNC Servo control
Labeled electric Power (KW)14
Moving Speed [m/s]0.2-0.9
Bending Speed (°/s)65
Cylinder Pressure [Mpa]0.6
Manufacture rangeStrand Diameterφ (mm)101214162022252832
Nos .to be sheared (pcs)654332211
Weight (kg)4500