SKZ Machine | Bending Machine Hoop

Bending Machine Hoop (Model : KZ12BD)

The CNC Rebar Stirrup Bender is a high-tech product with independent intellectual property developed independently by SKZ Mechanic Technology (SKZ) and is integrated with 3 functions, i.e. strengthening, bending and cutting functions, so steel bars can be hooped and bended by it in one step; the bender is featured by the less auxiliary power, high processing speed, high precision, high efficiency and long service life, it is initiated in China and fills up a technical gap in our country.

The bender shall be fed by a multi-support rack which is another high-tech product with independent intellectual property developed independently by SKZ to satisfy actual demands of domestic construction market, the rack is featured by the smooth feeding, simple installation and easy operation, and it facilitates the re-bar straightening process, prolongs the service life of straightening mechanism and improves the straightening precision.

In a word, our products are developed based on market demands, satisfy customers’ demands with diversified functions, and are economical and save customers’ investment due to compact and efficient design.


  1. Can handle single-line Φ5~12 (rebar Φ5~10), double-line Φ5~10 (rebar Φ5~8) round-circular cold-rolled and hot-rolled steel bars and rebar;
  2. Adopt CNC servo control system to realize fully automatic and uninterrupted bending forming process;
  3. Steel bar straightening, fixed length, bending hoop, cutting and other functions are perfectly combined, and at the same time meet the precision requirements of steel bar processing, truly realize a multi-purpose machine;
  4. Maximum capacity of 1800 stirrups / hour, equivalent to the productivity of multiple workers, while maximizing material savings;
  5. Arbitrarily set the required processing size, a variety of graphics for you to choose.

Technical Parameters

Single wire Diameter(mm)φ5-12
Double wire Diameter(mm)φ5-10
Max Bending Angle (°)180
Max Bending Speed (°/s)1000
Bending DirectionBi-direction
Length Tolerance (mm)±2
Bending Tolerance (°)±1
Single wire Max Production capacity(hour)900 (standard size)
Double wire Max Production Capacity(hour)1800 (standard size)
Equipment Sizes (mm) L*W*H4000*1080*1975
Installed Power (kw)30
Weight (kg)2000
Working (℃)-5-40
Cylinder Pressure(Mpa)≥0.6