SKZ Machine | Threading machine


Threading machine (Model : KZS40MD)

This machine is a fully automatic integrated equipment for thread processing of bar rebar head. The steel bar can be automatically finished according to the needs of the end, and the steel bar can be thickened by the upsetting process when making the small-diameter steel bar, so that the processing thread diameter of the steel bar is larger and the joint strength is higher. At the same time, after the ferrule process is completed, the grinding part of the end portion of the steel bar can be polished.

This machine is widely used in construction, highway and other industries. It is suitable for the work of steel bars with various specifications and different lengths. It is more suitable for the cutting of steel bars with many specifications and small batches.

This machine reduces the auxiliary labor, and the thread standard of the processed product is accurate and the efficiency is high. It is a high-tech product independently developed by our company with independent intellectual property rights. It is the first in China, easy to install and easy to use. In short, we strive to diversify in design, meet user needs, simple and effective, to reduce costs, pursue the best cost performance, and bring tangible efficiency and benefits to users.


  1. The steel wire-drawing process realizes automatic production, improves the automation of the ferrule production equipment and reduces the labor force.
  2. Saving the site: The ferrule equipment can be connected with the steel bar cutting and sawing equipment. The steel bar is cut into the specified length by the cutting equipment and directly enters the ferrule equipment without occupying the site to store the steel bar.
  3. Reduce labor: the equipment operator only needs one person to complete the operation, no need to hoist and transport the line body direct transport.
  4. Improve efficiency: realize the semi-finished products from raw materials to ferrules at both ends in the shortest time.
  5. Ensure quality: the upper and lower processes are closely connected, and abnormalities are found and corrected in time.
  6. The operation is simple: the equipment is equipped with humanized operating procedures, can be selectively operated, the operation is extremely simple.
  7. Module equipment: The equipment has two key sets of upset and ferrule, and the two sets can be separated and used as separate equipment.
  8. It is more efficient with the intelligent steel sawing robot.

Technical Parameters

Rebar diameter (mm)20-40
Length (m)Automatic2000-12000
Heading power (kW)17
Threading power (kW)18
Air compressor power (kW)7.5
Conveying speed (m/min)50
Air pressure (MPa)≥0.6
Machine size (mm)17000×5000×1500