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Sawing Machine (Model : KZJ500C)

Sawing Machine (Model : KZJ500C)

This machine is a kind of blanking equipment mainly for large-diameter, high-precision steel bar (also can be used for square pipe, channel steel and round pipe with high precision of sawing precision), and can make steel bar as needed. A fully automatic machine that automatically cuts into the required length and classifies and stores the next good bar.

This machine is widely used in construction, highway and other industries. It is suitable for steel sawing work of various specifications and different lengths. It is more suitable for steel sawing work with large specifications and large batch size.

This machine reduces auxiliary labor, and achieves the product length standard, accurate size and high efficiency. It is a high-tech product independently developed by our company with independent intellectual property rights. It is the first in China, simple to install and easy to use. In short, we strive to diversify in design, meet user needs, simple and effective, to reduce costs, pursue the best cost performance, and bring tangible efficiency and benefits to users.


  1. High degree of automation, greatly reducing labor intensity.
  2. Imported PLC combined with touch screen control interface, easy to operate.
  3. The whole machine is equipped with a horizontal feeding device, which is convenient for loading.
  4. Automatic sawing machine head, suitable for a wide range of steel bars, can be processed at full capacity.
  5. The baffle-type fixed-length system, to ensure the accuracy of the fixed length, can be fixed to any length (automatic and manual).
  6. A variety of storage devices, you can freely combine the material rack, multi-position combination, can provide a variety of different combination modes, increase the flexibility of steel storage.
  7. Unique noise reduction measures to reduce noise pollution.
  8. The main head adopts centralized lubrication system to ensure reliable working condition.
  9. It is more efficient with the intelligent steel wire-drawing robot.

Technical Parameters

Rebar diameter (mm)12-50
In-put speed (m/min)≤60
Out-put speed (m/min)15-43
Saw width (mm)500
Sawing speed (m/min)28/46/62
Length (m)Manual0.8-12
Length tolerancel (mm)±3
Labeled power (kW)13.5
Machine size (mm)26000×3900×2400