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Horizontal Bending Center

Horizontal Bending Center (Model : KZW50X)

The equipment is called Horizontal Bending Center which consists of a mobile bender, a fixed bender, a guide rail, a material rack, a collecting rack, a turning rack, a console assembly and a pneumatic system. With storing materials, loading, bending, discharging, and other functions integrated, Horizontal Bending Center is a numerical control and automatic steel bar bending machine. Its max capacity is to process the tertiary spiral steel(HRB400).

In order to strive to meet the demands of the market and satisfy the need of customers, our company (SKZ Mechanic Technology) produce the high-tech product with independent intellectual property.

Horizontal Bending Center, mainly for large diameter and high strength straight strip screw processing, is widely used in the fields of railways, highways, bridges, large-scaled steel bar processing factory. The product features less auxiliary power, fast processing speed, high precision, high efficiency and long service life.

All in all, our aim is to make the machine convenient for operation and full of diversified functions, which satisfies the demand of all kinds of customers. And the purpose of our product is to make the product efficient in usage, and reasonable in price, which creates great economic and social benefits for users.


  1. Humanization design: Scientific design combines with automation to make the operation more convenient.
  2. Integrated design: It greatly improves the degree of automation and reduces the intensity of labor through automatic loading, bending and discharging.
  3. Digital configuration: It combines high-performance PLC with touchscreen control interface to achieve digital control to make the operation simpler.
  4. Bi-direction: It adopts a newly bending mechanism which makes the whole construction more stable and accomplishes the bi-directional bending.
  5. Premium performance bending: It can achieve the technology that multiple steel bars can be processed at one time and that different bending angles can be shaped.
  6. It can preset such a database of various graphs that users can access it easily and use it directly.
  7. Servomechanism control can make the precision higher.
  8. The performance of the product is good and the range of steel bar is broad. It can process several steel bars at the same time. Besides, it can machine the tertiary spiral steel (HRB400), the diameter of which is from 12-Φ50mm.
  9. It has efficiency production, and the production capacity is more than 8 times of the output of traditional processing equipment.
  10. An original design of the main bending components can prolong the service life.
  11. High-strength racks could hold a large number of raw materials.
  12. Sliding collecting device can suit for diversified lengths of the materials.
  13. An intelligent fault identification alarm system is easy to maintain.

Technical Parameters

Conveying speed40 (m/min)
Bending speed6-8r/min
Benders no°2
Mobile bender move methodAutomatic
Power consumption10 (Kwh)
Min bending side length (distance between 2 mandrels)1200 (mm)
Accuracy of bending angle±1°
Conveyor load capacity1000 (KG)
Power supply voltage380V / 50Hz / 3phase
Total power30 (KW)
Total weight8.8 (M.T)
Bars diameter10121416202528324050
Bending bars no°7655433211