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Rebar Shear-Line (Model : KZQ150X)

Rebar Shear-Line (Model : KZQ150X)

The rebar shear-line is a cutting machine that is kind of mainly for large diameter and high strength bar. It is able to automatically cut into required length steel bars in accordance with the need , and store the rebars of finished from the materials.

This machine is widely used in construction, highway and other industries. It can be used for different specifications of different length of steel bar cutting, especially the specifications, small batch of steel cutting. The auxiliary labor of the machine is very few.

It has processed the product length standard, the size is accurate, the efficiency is high, is our independent research and development of the independent intellectual property rights high-tech products, installation is simple, the use is convenient. for the cutting of steel bars of various specifications and lengths. In conclusion, we strive to diversify our designs to meet users’ needs and simplify them to reduce costs, pursue optimal cost performance, and bring real efficiency and benefits to users.


  1. High level automatic helps reduce the labor work greatly.
  2. Imported PLC & touch screen interface makes a easy operation.
  3. Equipped with horizontal loading device, convenient for material feeding.
  4. Automatic cutting header is applicable for various bar and process tankful at one time.
  5. The system is very precise length measurement, back to fast, to ensure the accuracy of length, can be fix any length (divided into automatic and manual).
  6. Single and combined stockers can be chosen thanks to the diversified stockers; different combined modes are available, which increases the flexibility of rebar stocking ways;
  7. Host header adopts combined lubrication system, ensuring the reliable performance.
  8. Unique noise reduction measure decreases the noise pollution.

Technical Parameters

Max shear force (KN)1750
Max steel strength (Mpa)570
Cutting LengthManual800-12000 mm
Automatic1500-12000 mm
Cutting Capacity(Ф) (mm)101214161820222528323640
Conveying speed (m/min)≤60
Average Power consumption (KW/h)9
Machine size (mm)25000*3500*2000