Floor Decking | Kruppdeck 726


KruppdeckTM 726

Structural Floor Decking

Dimension H 51 x W 726 mm Thickness 0.70 – 1.25 mm
Grade G300 & G550 (300 & 550 Mpa). Length Floor Deck can be produced customize.
Material Specification Galvanized.

KruppdeckTM 726 is one of element of construction building material that has sturdy corrugated sheet with galvanized coating and acting to contribute a strength on composite slab and also give efficiency of total building cost.

Advantages of KruppdeckTM 726

  • Efficiency of concrete equal to 17% up to 25% if compare to the conventional way
  • Fast and simple installation
  • One way positive reinforcement substitution
  • As Form work and working platform
  • Temporary Propping
  • Fire Resistance, according by test indicate fire resistance of composite slab by Kruppdeck could survive up to 2 hours for good stability and integrity
  • Reinforcement