Boltless & Seaming | ADH 4200


ADH 4200

Boltless & Seaming with Connector

Dimension H 120 x W 420 mm Thickness 0.50 – 0.60 mm Grade G300 (300 Mpa). Length Roof more than 12 m can be produced without overlapping (on-site forming). Material Specification Zincalume® Steel, Colorbond® Steel, KIRANA® Steel, ABADI® Steel ex. Bluescope Steel Indonesia. Zincalume® Steel is composed of 55% Alumunium and 45% Zinc

ADH 4200® is one of the high rib roofing of Adeha Metalindo, PT. which specially design for wide span building with very low slope roof. Performance of ADH 4200® are neat, sturdy, and anti-leaking because ADH 4200® using seaming system and applied no bolt on surface of roof (boltless & seaming system).

Advantages of ADH 4200

  • Sturdy performance and able to support heavy weight
  • Able to install in wide span of purlin
  • Very minimum possibility of leakage
  • High capacity of relocation rain water
  • Able to install in very low slope
  • Able to install without overlapping (on site forming)
  • Using Zincalume® Steel, Colorbond® Steel, Kirana® Steel dan Abadi® Steel of BlueScope Steel Indonesia as raw material



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