Dry Mortars | Thin Bed Adhesive


Thin Bed Adhesive


Typical Properties  
Appearance White/grey powder
Bonding strength >0.5N/mm²
Compressive strenght >10N/mm²
Water retention >95%
Shrinkage <0.2%
Bag Size 40 kg
AAC 7.5 cm 16 m² / 40 kg bag / 3 mm
AAC 10 cm 10 m² / 40 kg bag / 3mm

DM 810 is a thin bed adhesive mortar for gluing Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) blocks to build walls. DM 810 is developed for the harsh climate conditions and optimized by the latest automatic mixing machines. The high flexibility and bonding strength make DM 810 ideal for AAC blocks.