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Steel Bar Truss Deck

Steel Bar Truss Deck

Product Features :

  1. Reasonable force mode , superior overall performance, convenient construction, environmental protection, full control of construction progress, and security.
  2. Flat plate, reliable clear height, bidirectional high consistency, and good seismic performance.
  3. The spacing of reinforcement and the thickness of concrete are guaranteed.
  4. Traditional force structure, steel plate under no force, no need for fire retardant coatings and anti corrosive coatings, safe and economical.
  5. Two way slab design, simple contruction, suitable for large span floor.
  6. Reasonable zinc coating, stud welding reliable quality, no need for penetration welding at the end, reinforced floors shearing force enhancement.
  7. Special structure, removable bottom die, the traditional cast-in-place concrete floor effect perception.
  8. Technology leading, can be used in reinforced concrete projects, similar products are widely used abroad.
  9. When applied in the slope surface, no need for support, less construction difficulty.
  10. Variety of product types, wide application areas.

Specification for Steel Bar Truss Deck

Width of steel bar truss deck600 mm
Length of steel bar truss deck1000 mm – 14000 mm
Floor thickness90 mm – 300 mm
Height of steel bar truss deck60 mm – 270 mm
Thickness of concrete protective layer15 mm ; 30 mm
Spacing of steel bar truss deck200 mm
Top & Bottom chord bar diametre6 mm – 12 mm
Web member diametre4 mm – 8 mm
Horizontal support bar diametre10 mm ( for height ≤ 100 mm )
12 mm ( for height > 100 mm )
Vertical support bar diametre12 mm ( for height ≤ 100 mm )
14 mm ( for height > 100 mm )
Bottom mold thicknessGalvanized steel sheet : 0.50 mm; 0.75 mm
Cold roll steel sheet : 0.40 mm