Geotextile |

Based on the shape of the opening , the Geotextile can be divided into :

1. Geotextile Woven

Geotextile Woven is a type of woven geotextile. The basic ingredients are usually Polypropilene (PP).

To facilitate visualization, this Geotextile Woven is similar to a sack of rice (not from jute) but black.

The function of Geotextile Woven is as a stabilizing material for subgrade (especially soft subgrade), because this type of Geotextile has higher tensile strength compared to Non Woven Geotextile (about 2 times the same gramasi or weight per m2).

Geotextile Woven relies on tensile strength, so it does not reduce the occurrence of local decline (differential settlement) due to soft or ugly subgrade.

2. Geotextile Non-Woven

The function of Geotextile NonWoven is :

  • Filters: As a filter, Non Woven Geotextile serves to prevent soil particles from being carried out in the water flow. Application as a filter is usually used on subdrain projects (underground drainage).
  • Separator: As a separator, Non Woven Geotextile serves to prevent the mixing of one layer of material with another material.
  • Stabilization: Geotextile function is often referred to as Reinforcement / Strengthening.