Geomembrane |



Geomembran is a type of Geosynthetic material that acts as a waterproof coating made of synthetic materials such as plastic.

Geomembrane Applications :

  • Landfills
  • Landfills Cap
  • Hazardous Waste Containment
  • Liquid Waste Containment
  • Secondary Containment
  • Aquaculture Ponds
  • Canals
  • Portable Water Containment
  • Water Reservoirs
  • Mining
  • Tunnel Lining
  • Storage Tanks

Geomembrane has been used in the following environmental, geotechnical, hydraulic, transportation and environmental development applications :

  • As liners for drinking water
  • As a liner for backup water (e.g. Safe nuclear facility closure)
  • As liners for waste liquid (e.g., Waste sludge)
  • Coatings for radioactive or dangerous liquid waste
  • As a liner for secondary containment of underground storage tanks
  • As a liner for solar pools
  • As a liner for brine solution
  • As a liner for the agricultural industry
  • As a liner for the aquiculture industry, such as fish / shrimp ponds
  • As a liner for golf course water holes and sand bunkers
  • As a liner for all types of decorative and architectural ponds
  • As a liner for water transport channels
  • As liners for various garbage transport channels
  • As liners for primary, secondary and / or tertiary solid waste disposal sites, and landfills
  • As liners for pile leach pads
  • As a cover (lid) for solid waste disposal
  • As a cover for aerobic and anaerobic digesters in the agricultural industry
  • As a cover for coal ash power plants
  • As a liner for vertical walls: single or double with leak detection
  • As a cutoff in a soil dam grouped for seepage control
  • As a layer for emergency spillways
  • As a waterproofing coating in tunnels and pipelines such as waterproof on earth and stone dams
  • As waterproof to deal with compacted concrete dams
  • As a waterproof to face stone and concrete dams in cofferdams for seepage control
  • As a floating reservoir for seepage control
  • As a floating reservoir to prevent pollution
  • Contain and transport liquids in trucks
  • Contain and transport drinking water and other liquids in the sea
  • As a barrier odor from landfills
  • As a vapor barrier (radon, hydrocarbons, etc.) under the building
  • Control expansive soil
  • To control soil that is prone to frost
  • To protect areas that are vulnerable to drainage from running water
  • To prevent water infiltration in sensitive areas
  • To form a barrier tube as a dam
  • To deal with structural support as temporary cofferdams
  • Conduct water flow to the preferred path
  • Under the highway to prevent pollution from deicing salt
  • Below and bordering the highway to catch dangerous liquid spills
  • As a detention structure for temporary additional costs
  • To help build uniformity of subsurface compressibility and subsidence
  • Under the asphalt layer as a waterproofing layer
  • To withstand seepage losses in tanks above existing ground
  • As a flexible form where material loss cannot be allowed