Roofing & Cladding

Boltless & Seaming
ADH 4200
ADH 5000

Boltless & Locking
ADH 6300
ADH 6800

ADH 6500
ADH 6825
ADH 7000
ADH 7500
ADH 7700

Metal Tile Roof
Dumbo Roof

Floor Deck
Kruppdeck 726
Kruppdeck 1000

Architechtural Façade Solution

Curtain Walls

Aluminium Composite Panel

Steel Doors

Heating & Cooling

Building Solutions

Engineering & Constructions

Global Trading


Modular Building

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ADEHA in a Glance

Adeha produces roofing, cladding, Truss and building support products to a wide range of industrial and commercial customers.

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Adeha's Vision outlines what we need to do as a company in order to build a sustainable and successful company while constantly looking towards the future.



Adeha's journey towards a sustainable and successful future starts with our missions. Our missions serve to declare what Adeha stands for as a leader in the industry and our goals towards suscess.

Mission arrow_drop_down
To provide building solutions with excellent innovative products, services, qualities at competitive price.
To be a sustainable professionally run company by continuous improvement on systems, maximizing efficiencies and present value for profit.
To make the company a great place for people to work, a place where people can be given opportunities to be inspired and reach their full potential and proud of where they belong.
To strengthen Adeha Brand, to be a household name in the industry by providing our customer with high quality product and priding ourselves on our excellent customer service.
To always achieve high return on investment in any of our business unit.


In Adeha, we pride ourselves on its strong values and cultures, which outline our businesses daily, both within the company and with our valued customers.

Culture arrow_drop_down
This is our home: please take care of it. You are not an exception, every staffs, clients and partners build our home together.
Always learn to be grateful and to never complain.
Love people, give people opportunities to grow so that the company can grow from within.
We pride ourselves in having strong integrity in our work ethics, to build good reputation that holds for many years to come.
Dream big and have purposes in life so that we can create a better tomorrow.


Adeha prides itself on its strong values and cultures which outline our guidelines in conducting our business daily within our own company and with our valued customers.

Values arrow_drop_down
Always deliver our promise to our valued customers.
Take responsibility and be accountable for our action.
Learn and grow as a team.
Always strive to achieve excellence for our customers satisfaction through supplying the highest quality of product and customers service while building on the foundation of a long term customer relationship.
Provide quality training and education to empower individuals and employees to becomes caring, competent, responsible citizen who value education as a lifelong process.